Life is like seeing for the first time (Part 1)

I have lived in Western District since I was young, and I have always envied my classmates who live in Taikoo Shing because there are theaters in my own community! Today, the development of the Internet has changed our entertainment habits. The physical big screen is no longer the only way to enjoy movies. Watch online 24 hours a day on mobile phones, computers, and iPads. But I always think that the original feeling and atmosphere can be found in the theater. The expansive picture and stereo loopback stereo equipment is absolutely unmatched at home. Laughing and crying together is also the place where love sprouts must be checked.

Among them, the Emperor Entertainment Theater in Central is my favorite cinema. Amidst the rush of people going to and from get off work, stepping into the entertainment industry feels like a sense of relief, and it instantly makes people enter the atmosphere of watching movies. This theater is exactly the work of the designer of Oft Interiors.

They imagined that if these years are reproduced in a quick mirror, I believe that there must be many plans and drafts that pass quickly. Numerous changes and amendments, the draft paper, pencils, and erasers scattered on the workbench confirm the foundation of the interior design, which is also the first stage of the film: the sketch. The drafting stage is an indispensable and important stage for any creativity and design. Only with sketches can the imagination be gradually presented. Film workers often prepare Story Boards before shooting, and carefully draw the storyboard, shooting angle, location, and clothing. But who said that the draft can only stay at the first draft stage? The beauty of sketches is easy to be overlooked, but what it expresses is the purest and initial touch.

I am reminded of the sentence in "Mulan Ci Ni Gu Jue Jue Ci Yu You", "If life is only like first seeing", many people would be as good as they were when they first saw it... If only seeing it for the first time, all the good things will not be lost. It was amazing at first sight, goodbye still.

Written by: Steph. M

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