Life is like seeing for the first time (Part 2)

It was drizzling, and I met him to watch "Aladdin" at the entertainment theater. The cinema has two floors, each with a lobby, connected by a row of magnificent spiral staircases in the middle. Like floating in the air, it not only maintains the flow of space, but also allows light to pass through the opening of the stairs, making the space bright and open. The spiral form has a powerful attraction. When you stand at the midpoint of the spiral, looking up or overlooking, you will see fragments separated between the stairs, like an infinite corridor, which makes it easy to recall the past.

The spiral staircase represents the discussion stage before designing and drafting the draft, gathering and sparking more interesting ideas. The audience can walk from the third floor lobby to the fourth floor from the stairs, walk in the whirlpool, plunge into a deeper imagination, and prepare for entering the movie world. This vortex is made up of multiple materials: black ceilings, hidden lights, copper-colored stainless steel plates and trims, metal plates, white paint, and gold-bronze railings. Both lobbies use black metal painted panels, wood veneers, nickel-plated stainless steel counters, white marble veneer walls and beige leather walls. Use the glossy and matte characteristics of these different materials to create pencil marks with different shades. The catering department on the third floor uses black and white and has straight lines. The counter is composed of white marble, hidden lights and copper mirrored skirting boards. The countertop is made of white steel, dark white wax and stainless steel edges. There is more straight-grained glass beside it, which is bordered by black stainless steel, and irregular rectangles are juxtaposed. The counter is covered with gray tiles and bright round light bulbs, illuminating the strong pencil sketch style.

Rotate along the stairs to the lobby on the fourth floor. The color is slightly changed to mainly gold and bronze, gradually leading to the coloring stage after the pencil sketch. The counter on the fourth floor is composed of straight-grained white marble and wooden veneer walls. It contrasts with the curve next to it, which can highlight the free spirit of the sketch. (Choosing high flatness and non-slip tiles helps maintain an elegant posture on the magnificent stairs)

The bathroom also uses pencil sketches as the main tone, and uses various shades of gray to express. Materials include black painted ceilings with hidden lights, stainless steel edging, gray wood veneers, gray-black tiles, white gypsum board ceilings, white glossy glass, gray floor tiles, and so on. Use a variety of similar but different materials, because even as simple as a pencil drawing, complex and tedious skills and materials are required. The lines in the bathroom are sharp and straight, as if after careful calculation, every stroke and every line is extremely accurate.

Ken has always studied wine, and is meticulous in the design of the bar area of the theater. Use lighting brightness, color distribution and other elements to enhance the beauty and mood of the space. There is a lot of knowledge in this.

Finally, I came to the viewing hall, where the colors are finally enriched, deducing the coloring stage of the draft. The seats in the two typical theaters also mix dark blue, dark gray, and brown, but the colors of the walls and carpets are slightly different. The walls of one of the auditoriums are mainly blue with a touch of green and covered with a gray-black carpet; the other is mainly green with a touch of purple and covered with a brown carpet. The walls of all viewing halls have a neat curve, concealed with soft lighting, and are surrounded by dark gray wood veneer plywood. The neat black lacquered ceiling tiles make the decorative curve of the wall more obvious the flow of space.

The straight and curved lines of the entire movie theater stand independently under the spotlight, indicating the freedom and boldness of imagination in the sketches. Because the original intention of creativity starts from expressing ideas bravely.
Drafting, design, sketching, sketching

First draft・finished product, first final・original intention

As a movie lover, some will choose to write film reviews, and some will choose to do film production. Theater interior designers are relatively unpopular. They had never thought about theater projects one after another. Once it was done, it was 6 years old. CM believes that as long as they do not follow the trend, the brand positioning is solid enough, and the quality is maintained, and the original intention is firm, they will definitely be able to break out of their world.

Postscript: I think a carefully designed theater can sublimate the entire experience of watching movies. In August of this year, the Oft Interior team will have another new work released. It is expected that the largest UA cinema in Hong Kong will open in the third quarter of this year at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui. From November 12 to November 17, K11 MUSEA will also hold the Cannes Film Festival Festival de Cannes Film Week, which will screen 6 of the official selections of the Cannes Film Festival in France this May. I really look forward to it!

Written by: Steph. M

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