Let’s talk about Healthy Home with 3 Health Secrets of PuriTiles®

Residential areas are exposed to air pollution and bacteria, which have a direct impact on the human body. According to some research, the higher negative ions in your surroundings, the better our health would be. When breathing around nature such as forests, waterfalls, and mountains, we can feel the freshness because it has high concentrations of negative ions to purify the air. PuriTiles® healthy and antibacterial tile series using Oxy Tech® technology to bring nature secrets to your house.

The 3 health secrets of PuriTiles® series:

1. Purify the air and remove formaldehyde

The furniture, boards, paint, viscose, etc. that we have contact with every day causing indoor pollution. Those could continuously release free formaldehyde and toluene. Especially in new decorated houses, excessive formaldehyde is still high. PuriTiles® health tiles using Oxy Tech™, which can generate more than 1000 negative ions reaching the level of nature, will release negative ions steadily and lastingly. By releasing a high concentration of negative ions, formaldehyde and toluene are being neutralized. According to the national building materials industry-standard test (JC/T 2110-2012), PuriTiles® has a purification rate of formaldehyde and toluene of more than 70% within 24 hours, which can keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

2. Prevent growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungus

Tile cleaning is tricky because it possibly still hides some dirts around the gap. Those dirts carry some bacteria that could infect anyone in many ways. For example, the E. coli that pops out when flushing the toilet has a chance to patch at tiles unknowingly. ASA Tiles high-temperature nano wear-resistant glaze, with smaller surface voids so that dirt has nowhere to absorb and has the effect of anti-fouling as well as being easy to clean. Oxy Tech™ technology has passed the international ASTM G22-76 test, with this technology PuriTiles® effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Reduce mold growth

Humidity in Hong Kong has always been a challenge. From the first season through the summer, the bathroom wall tiles, and floor tiles usually get wet, and even moldy, black, or smelly, which is unpleasant. High-density wall tiles and floor tiles reduce the growth of mold and reduce dampness. PuriTiles® burned at a hot temperature of 1000 degrees, and the high-density brick body is waterproof and moisture-proof. The water absorption rate is 0.1% (ASTM C373, EN ISO 10545-3), which makes PuriTiles® a suitable long-term solution to the problem of water from inside to outside of wall tiles and floor tiles and the troubles of molds on homes.

Choosing the right flooring tiles to ensure safety and lasting comfort is mandatory. PuriTiles® series technology has everything you need to create a healthy home.

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