Home of Hairy Boys and Minions

In addition to considering the design style, home decoration should also take into account the practicality of the space, and consider the safety of the users as far as the family members are concerned. Now, there are more and more pet owners. As owners, they have to take care of fur children's comfort at the same time. Let's take a look at the key points of design company CHEER HOME when you want to design the home for fur children, so that "owners" are satisfied with this home!

Key 1: Shoe cabinets in the hallway and seat cabinets for hanging clothes are convenient for cleaning the hairy children

After going out, the soles of the shoes will inevitably bring the dust and dirt out of the street home. If you don't want to be touched by the hairy child, you can set up a shoe cabinet and a space for hanging clothes in the entrance to avoid bringing all kinds of bacteria into the house. The seat cabinet is convenient for the owner to clean the dog who has just returned home, and the outing cage of the furry child can also be placed here.

Key 2: Avoid designing ceiling lamp troughs to install cat springboards and cat walkways

Cats love high places. For example, if there is a ceiling lamp slot in the house, an active cat will use the cabinet top to jump into the lamp slot, or even step on the lamp tube to cause accidents. There are cat springboards and cat walkways in the decoration, which can give the master more space for activities. In addition, the springboard and walkway should be high enough and wide enough, and have enough load-bearing capacity.

Point 3: Arrange a sunbathing space

Cats love to bask in the sun. In addition to keeping warm, they can also supplement vitamin D to enhance the immunity of their owners and furry children. If the unit does not have a window sill, a cat springboard can be installed beside the window.

Key 4: Concealed tube design for wire configuration

Tutu loves to chew on wires, and adopts a concealed tube design to prevent the wires from being exposed to prevent short circuits and electric shocks caused by hairy children's bites.

Point 5: Design a relaxing space for the exclusive fur child

Cats love dark and narrow spaces; most of the furry kids who have just taken home are more afraid of people. If there is enough space in the home, you can design a play area or a potty place, so that they can have their own little world and relax.

In addition to the above decoration points, you should also pay attention to the selection of home materials and furnishings. For example, the floor material is not easy to fade, will not be corroded by urine or vomit, and is not easy to be scratched by cat's claws; sofas should also be selected to resist cat's claws. The fabric and the waterproof function are easy to clean.

Asia ceramic tiles are wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial and deodorant to protect the health of your fur. Design cooperation contact 2152 1900 or 9686 6482.

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(Written by: Asher Cheung)

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