Kids Winshare|Reimaging Bookstore

Knowledge and fun are often difficult to coexist, and letting children learn comfortably and independently is often a big problem for parents. The PANORAMA Design Group project "Wenxuan Children's Bookstore" combines knowledge and fun through innovative design, and achieves complementary effects. The design idea comes from the natural and geometric style of Joan Miro, one of the three major Spanish postmodern artists. Studies have pointed out that geometric figures are of great benefit to children's cognition, which can stimulate thinking and arouse curiosity. The designer is well versed in the relationship between environment and knowledge. The whole space is bright and comfortable. The simple circular and curved elements are cleverly used to stimulate children's infinite curiosity and imagination.

The first half of the bookstore is the reading and book collection area. When you walk into the bookstore, you will see the yellow-and-white design of the space. You are surrounded by spiral bookshelves and round pendants, and you feel like you are in a dreamy fairy tale world. A reading environment full of childishness can enhance the atmosphere of learning and attract children's curiosity about knowledge. The designer uses a pure white wall with soft lighting to reflect healthy light suitable for children's reading (appropriate floor and wall can effectively achieve bright and not dazzling lighting effects). The transparent and comfortable reading space provides children with independent space, so that children can have a process of self-searching and explore their own small universe in their reading.

The designer broke through the traditional bookstore model and designed the crystallization of technology and wisdom. The egg-shaped 360-degree multimedia projection room in the second half of the area uses an innovative multimedia projection room to show various movies and scene images throughout the sky. The children are like being on the scene, being in the real environment, which can enhance the children’s curiosity and cognition of things , Arousing their imagination. The design of the 360-degree multimedia projection room can be described as originality, creating an infinite sense of space in a limited place. The boundless panoramic projection inspires unlimited imagination.

The interactive classroom next to the multimedia projection room is different from the traditional classroom layout. The designer removed the traditional teacher's desk and added a round desk. Zero-distance teaching breaks the barrier between teachers and students, allowing children to have more space to develop themselves. Through communication with other children, learning can be combined with entertainment, which can improve children's learning interest and imagination. The entire classroom adopts blue and white tones, with plenty of light, providing a space for children to learn as much as they want. (The use of non-slip flooring can reduce the chance of children being injured during activities, so that parents can be more at ease)

The novel and personal design of "Wenxuan Children's Bookstore" allows knowledge and fun to coexist. The simple circular and curved elements and the selection of appropriate materials can achieve the best design effect. The designer’s brand-new design concept breaks through the concept of traditional bookstores, understands the needs of the new generation of children, and creates a space for them.

ASA Tiles is committed to providing designers with materials of different styles in line with the insistence on quality to achieve masterpieces.

Interior Design: PANORAMA Design Group
Text: Bill Lam

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