ASA Tiles I School Anniversary Tiles Printing Event

As a developing enterprise, ASA Tiles not only work on the growth of business, but also focus on social engagement.

Earlier, we were invited to participate in a school anniversary tiles printing event. In the two-days event, we provided tiles and the students created a tiles printing with the guidance of tutor.

The tutor designed the general picture in advance. Before the event begun, the tutor drew the draft of the print across the tiles. Then, we gave each student a piece of tile and let them add colours on it. They also put their own ideas and creation onto the tiles.

In the process, the tutor guided the students to reflect on the project and told them the importance of details, as they all started this magnificent printing from small parts. They also learnt the value of teamwork and communication during the project. At the end of the day, the tiles printing was a team effort.

We, as the tiles manufacturer, feel equally on how valuable and important details are. A high-quality piece of tile, could only be made with many fine details adding together. Seeing the students adding the colours they wanted with each stroke, made us felt touched.

After the students finished printing the tiles, we put the tiles on the wall and formed the complete and wonderful printing. We were honoured to be a part of this meaningful event, and we were delighted to see how much potential tiles have as art and craft.

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