Tiles Processing I Art Beyond The Surface

Show your unique design on tiles with Inkjet or Silk-Screen Printing.

Wanting to show your characters and ideas that couldn't be presented by tile patterns? Let us reveal the hidden magic of tiles. With tiles processing, you can combine different texture, colours to present your design. Creating lines and depth with cutting and collage to enrich visual elements.

Artistic Cutting and Collage

Using waterjet cutting, visual elements are no longer limited by the inherent frame of tiles. With a clean blueprint, we can cut the tiles into any shapes and sizes.

On site, the workers only need to install the modular tiles according to the labels, then the pictures will appear.

3D collage

By adding height difference to tiles, depth and layers can be created.

3D collage

Texture Collage

Collaging not only can create lines and shapes, but also can play with contrast by combining texture.

Metal Embedding

Terrazzo Relief

The relief on terrazzo can create a visual focal point.

Curved Terrazzo Relief

Tile Low-Relief

Low relief can create subtle lines on tiles, adding another layer of visual element.


Various processing can lead to completely different styles.

Other than the above mentioned processing, other methods like Inkjet Printing, Silk-Screen Printing and Emboss Spot UV Printing could also allow you to release your creativity and craft your own artistic space.

ASA Tiles Showroom's Emboss Spot UV Printing tile cabinet doors.

Watch the video below to know more about tiles processing!

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