Revisiting Central Market


Old beauty shines anew.

The 80 years-old Central Market meets every visitor with a new look after revitalization while preserving its original architectural style.

ASA Tiles are honored to be a part of the meaningful project. We rejuvenated the third-grade historical building with our custom-made tiles and terrazzo according to the original architectural features and the revitalisation scheme.

Inspired by the old central terrazzo staircase, we bought the historical breath to the whole floor by our custom-made terrazzo.

To recreate that 60s vintage vibe, we used the artistic small tiles. We present the ironic vintage greenish colour-tone of Old-HK restaurant with a refreshing touch.

The iconic deep azure green tiles of Hong Kong traditional restaurant, bringing the passersby back to 60s.
Refreshing green tiles inspired by traditional azure green.

Tiles table at the courtyard, providing a corner for those who need a rest.

Next time, when you walk pass this old place, take a look, and see its beauty from every little details.

Check out our Video Design Tour!

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