Home of Hairy Boys and Minions

In addition to considering the design style, home decoration should also take into account the practicality of the space, and consider the safety of the users as far as the family members are concerned. Now, there are more and more pet owners. As owners, they have to take care of fur children's comfort at the same time. Let's take a look at the key points of design company CHEER HOME when you want to design the home for fur children, so that "owners" are satisfied with this home!

Key 1: Shoe cabinets in the hallway and seat cabinets for hanging clothes are convenient for cleaning the hairy children

After going out, the soles of the shoes will inevitably bring the dust and dirt out of the street home. If you don't want to be touched by the hairy child, you can set up a shoe cabinet and a space for hanging clothes in the entrance to avoid bringing all kinds of bacteria into the house. The seat cabinet is convenient for the owner to clean the dog who has just returned home, and the outing cage of the furry child can also be placed here.

Key 2: Avoid designing ceiling lamp troughs to install cat springboards and cat walkways

Cats love high places. For example, if there is a ceiling lamp slot in the house, an active cat will use the cabinet top to jump into the lamp slot, or even step on the lamp tube to cause accidents. There are cat springboards and cat walkways in the decoration, which can give the master more space for activities. In addition, the springboard and walkway should be high enough and wide enough, and have enough load-bearing capacity.

Point 3: Arrange a sunbathing space

Cats love to bask in the sun. In addition to keeping warm, they can also supplement vitamin D to enhance the immunity of their owners and furry children. If the unit does not have a window sill, a cat springboard can be installed beside the window.

Key 4: Concealed tube design for wire configuration

Tutu loves to chew on wires, and adopts a concealed tube design to prevent the wires from being exposed to prevent short circuits and electric shocks caused by hairy children's bites.

Point 5: Design a relaxing space for the exclusive fur child

Cats love dark and narrow spaces; most of the furry kids who have just taken home are more afraid of people. If there is enough space in the home, you can design a play area or a potty place, so that they can have their own little world and relax.

In addition to the above decoration points, you should also pay attention to the selection of home materials and furnishings. For example, the floor material is not easy to fade, will not be corroded by urine or vomit, and is not easy to be scratched by cat's claws; sofas should also be selected to resist cat's claws. The fabric and the waterproof function are easy to clean.

Asia ceramic tiles are wear-resistant, anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial and deodorant to protect the health of your fur. Design cooperation contact 2152 1900 or 9686 6482.

Case provided: CHEER HOME You want to live at home

(Written by: Asher Cheung)



遲水蘿蔔 知識篇


2019年11月1 日 當第一批蘿蔔苗長出真葉便開始開始「制水」10天,在不淋水的情況下,促使蘿蔔根部成長。由播種起短短十天就開始長出子葉。  

2019年11月12日 再過10天,蘿蔔正茁壯成長,為蘿蔔進行蔬苗。栽種蔬菜時需要適當的株間距離,才有足夠的空間生長,因此從種子到成株的過程中,需要分次將外型不佳、被害蟲啃食或生長狀況不佳的苗株拔除,這就是所謂的疏苗。

2019年11月17日 在悉心照顧下,蘿蔔苗在施肥中的狀況。植物在生長旺盛的季節較需要施肥。施肥就是適時和適量,當植物需要肥料補給營養的時候,就要給植物額外合適的營養配方。過量施肥或不恰當的肥料配方容易造成肥害。    




收取第一批種的2條蘿蔔, 分別各重2 斤半及1斤半,只夠做1至2盒蘿蔔糕。  

撰稿留言: 有機種植能夠保護自然環境,讓泥土回復健康,回復生態平衡。除了能品嘗真正食物的原有味道,同時又保障我們的健康,遠離農藥的毒害。有機耕種不使用農藥,需要對農作物有深厚的認識,同時亦需要付出更多的心機和時間照顧農作物。

環保項目推廣合作:2152 1900

(撰稿:Bill Lam)

All About Tiles

Let’s talk about Healthy Home with 3 Health Secrets of PuriTiles®

Residential areas are exposed to air pollution and bacteria, which have a direct impact on the human body. According to some research, the higher negative ions in your surroundings, the better our health would be. When breathing around nature such as forests, waterfalls, and mountains, we can feel the freshness because it has high concentrations of negative ions to purify the air. PuriTiles® healthy and antibacterial tile series using Oxy Tech® technology to bring nature secrets to your house.

The 3 health secrets of PuriTiles® series:

1. Purify the air and remove formaldehyde

The furniture, boards, paint, viscose, etc. that we have contact with every day causing indoor pollution. Those could continuously release free formaldehyde and toluene. Especially in new decorated houses, excessive formaldehyde is still high. PuriTiles® health tiles using Oxy Tech™, which can generate more than 1000 negative ions reaching the level of nature, will release negative ions steadily and lastingly. By releasing a high concentration of negative ions, formaldehyde and toluene are being neutralized. According to the national building materials industry-standard test (JC/T 2110-2012), PuriTiles® has a purification rate of formaldehyde and toluene of more than 70% within 24 hours, which can keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

2. Prevent growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungus

Tile cleaning is tricky because it possibly still hides some dirts around the gap. Those dirts carry some bacteria that could infect anyone in many ways. For example, the E. coli that pops out when flushing the toilet has a chance to patch at tiles unknowingly. ASA Tiles high-temperature nano wear-resistant glaze, with smaller surface voids so that dirt has nowhere to absorb and has the effect of anti-fouling as well as being easy to clean. Oxy Tech™ technology has passed the international ASTM G22-76 test, with this technology PuriTiles® effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus. Prevention is better than cure.

3. Reduce mold growth

Humidity in Hong Kong has always been a challenge. From the first season through the summer, the bathroom wall tiles, and floor tiles usually get wet, and even moldy, black, or smelly, which is unpleasant. High-density wall tiles and floor tiles reduce the growth of mold and reduce dampness. PuriTiles® burned at a hot temperature of 1000 degrees, and the high-density brick body is waterproof and moisture-proof. The water absorption rate is 0.1% (ASTM C373, EN ISO 10545-3), which makes PuriTiles® a suitable long-term solution to the problem of water from inside to outside of wall tiles and floor tiles and the troubles of molds on homes.

Choosing the right flooring tiles to ensure safety and lasting comfort is mandatory. PuriTiles® series technology has everything you need to create a healthy home.


「環保 VS 生活質素」-自然脈絡的綠色概念


環保是一種概念,沒有特定的形式。環保常被掛在口邊,但要身體力行的給人感覺有一定門檻。透過不同活動,自然脈絡以教育告訴我們,結合創意和環保概念,生活中的每件小事都可以融入自然環保。喝過後的咖啡渣可以拿來當染料,扎染舊衣布料; 發揮創意及手藝,將一草一木製成象徵性的掛飾; 製造完焦糖布甸後的蛋殼可重用作裝飾或肥料。



ASA Tiles堅持環保創新概念,將自然元素融入設計概念,由綠色製造到環保家居,均以可持續環保為目標。將自然融入生活,將環保融入家居。


(撰稿: Bill Lam)

All About Tiles

Home Hygiene — 5 Tips to keep your house clean

The outbreak of the coronavirus disease epidemic makes everyone more concerned about their personal hygiene. A nucleic acid of the virus could persist for days on various surfaces which means that the virus is not only transmitted by droplets but also can spread through contaminated surfaces, known as fomites. Therefore, people have performed independent health protocols and good hygiene can start right at home. Although we might not be able to control our exposure to bacteria or viruses whilst out and about, a hygienic home is important. You can also make a huge difference by simply washing your hands with soap and water to reduce the spread of contamination. Read on for 5 tips on practicing good hygiene around the home:

1. Living room hygiene

These things like tv remotes, tablets and lightswitches can be perfect breeding ground for cold and viruses. Especially in this coronavirus pandemic many people spent most of their time at their house using the living room. It’s advised to clean and disinfect these regularly, particularly if there are family members who have been recently ill.

2. Keep a clean sheet and Bust the dust

We spent around a third of our life sleeping, which is a lot of contact with our bedding. It’s advised to change your bedding at least once a fortnight, washing bed linen at 40°C degrees. Pillows, blankets or duvets should be washed at least once in 2 months to stop dirt, bacteria or dust mites building up.

Dust can build up quickly behind cabinets and furniture or carpet. As dust can carry allergens causing fungal skin infections and respiratory issues. It's important to vacuum regularly and open up windows to allow air to ventilate. If you are using an air conditioner, it’s also advised to clean your air conditioner filter once a month to prevent the dust from spreading on the room.

3. Using air purifier

Since the pandemic started, people are concerned about the oxygen cleanliness level. Air purifier is a recommended tool to keep the air at your home fresh and clean. Air purifiers will neutralize odors and destroy airborne microbes such as dust mites, molds, bacteria, and viruses which improve the quality of the air you breathe.

4. Cleaning floors

Sometimes cleaning floors could be hard housework. Although the risk of catching an infection from home floors is relatively low, we also need to consider that some bacteria can still grow even in dry conditions. Vacuum cleaning and mopping floors should suffice but we have a better solution to help you maintain a clean floor without too much effort on the cleaning process and at the sametime improve your health by using ASA ceramic tiles which are waterproof, mildew-proof with high solidity.

ASA ceramic tiles designed with anti-scratches and easy clean technology. For example, the Puritiles health series designed to inhibit bacteria and remove formaldehyde ensure your safety and convenience.

By using these tiles applied to your house, you can save so much energy on using different cleaning methods to prevent bacteria as well as keeping you healthy.



Kids Winshare|Reimaging Bookstore

Knowledge and fun are often difficult to coexist, and letting children learn comfortably and independently is often a big problem for parents. The PANORAMA Design Group project "Wenxuan Children's Bookstore" combines knowledge and fun through innovative design, and achieves complementary effects. The design idea comes from the natural and geometric style of Joan Miro, one of the three major Spanish postmodern artists. Studies have pointed out that geometric figures are of great benefit to children's cognition, which can stimulate thinking and arouse curiosity. The designer is well versed in the relationship between environment and knowledge. The whole space is bright and comfortable. The simple circular and curved elements are cleverly used to stimulate children's infinite curiosity and imagination.

The first half of the bookstore is the reading and book collection area. When you walk into the bookstore, you will see the yellow-and-white design of the space. You are surrounded by spiral bookshelves and round pendants, and you feel like you are in a dreamy fairy tale world. A reading environment full of childishness can enhance the atmosphere of learning and attract children's curiosity about knowledge. The designer uses a pure white wall with soft lighting to reflect healthy light suitable for children's reading (appropriate floor and wall can effectively achieve bright and not dazzling lighting effects). The transparent and comfortable reading space provides children with independent space, so that children can have a process of self-searching and explore their own small universe in their reading.

The designer broke through the traditional bookstore model and designed the crystallization of technology and wisdom. The egg-shaped 360-degree multimedia projection room in the second half of the area uses an innovative multimedia projection room to show various movies and scene images throughout the sky. The children are like being on the scene, being in the real environment, which can enhance the children’s curiosity and cognition of things , Arousing their imagination. The design of the 360-degree multimedia projection room can be described as originality, creating an infinite sense of space in a limited place. The boundless panoramic projection inspires unlimited imagination.

The interactive classroom next to the multimedia projection room is different from the traditional classroom layout. The designer removed the traditional teacher's desk and added a round desk. Zero-distance teaching breaks the barrier between teachers and students, allowing children to have more space to develop themselves. Through communication with other children, learning can be combined with entertainment, which can improve children's learning interest and imagination. The entire classroom adopts blue and white tones, with plenty of light, providing a space for children to learn as much as they want. (The use of non-slip flooring can reduce the chance of children being injured during activities, so that parents can be more at ease)

The novel and personal design of "Wenxuan Children's Bookstore" allows knowledge and fun to coexist. The simple circular and curved elements and the selection of appropriate materials can achieve the best design effect. The designer’s brand-new design concept breaks through the concept of traditional bookstores, understands the needs of the new generation of children, and creates a space for them.

ASA Tiles is committed to providing designers with materials of different styles in line with the insistence on quality to achieve masterpieces.

Interior Design: PANORAMA Design Group
Text: Bill Lam


「藝術應該生活化」— 年輕藝術家

近年一位年輕藝術家為香港街頭帶來色彩,亦為本地藝術帶來革新。走在街上偶爾會被震驚,在她的畫筆下,平日冰冷的牆壁丶地板和樓梯搖身一變栩栩如生的3D畫作。Terena Wong 將自己的靈感意念繪成現實,為「石屎森林」塗上色彩,增添活力。

藝術之路從來給人感覺不易行,需要天賦和造藝,令很多人卻步。但Terena相信只要敢想像,就能創造奇蹟。從小就喜歡繪畫的Terena於中學選修視覺藝術,隨後於大學也修讀相關的科目。即使被認為藝術之路是難走,敢想丶敢做丶敢嘗試的Terena於2017年成為美國著名街頭藝術家Tracy Lee Stum的助手,協助校園藝術教育,參與巨星Katy Perry專輯的繪畫制作,以及參加美國Street Art Festival和意大利International Street Art Painting等。一切奇妙的國際藝術體驗全因當日向Tracy Lee自薦的勇氣。





撰稿留言:Terena Wong ‧ 一位年輕藝術家,本著藝術無邊界的理念,不拘繩墨,將藝術帶到牆壁丶樓梯丶地板等建築。

藝術項目合作:2152 1900

(撰稿:Bill Lam)


Life is like seeing for the first time (Part 2)

It was drizzling, and I met him to watch "Aladdin" at the entertainment theater. The cinema has two floors, each with a lobby, connected by a row of magnificent spiral staircases in the middle. Like floating in the air, it not only maintains the flow of space, but also allows light to pass through the opening of the stairs, making the space bright and open. The spiral form has a powerful attraction. When you stand at the midpoint of the spiral, looking up or overlooking, you will see fragments separated between the stairs, like an infinite corridor, which makes it easy to recall the past.

The spiral staircase represents the discussion stage before designing and drafting the draft, gathering and sparking more interesting ideas. The audience can walk from the third floor lobby to the fourth floor from the stairs, walk in the whirlpool, plunge into a deeper imagination, and prepare for entering the movie world. This vortex is made up of multiple materials: black ceilings, hidden lights, copper-colored stainless steel plates and trims, metal plates, white paint, and gold-bronze railings. Both lobbies use black metal painted panels, wood veneers, nickel-plated stainless steel counters, white marble veneer walls and beige leather walls. Use the glossy and matte characteristics of these different materials to create pencil marks with different shades. The catering department on the third floor uses black and white and has straight lines. The counter is composed of white marble, hidden lights and copper mirrored skirting boards. The countertop is made of white steel, dark white wax and stainless steel edges. There is more straight-grained glass beside it, which is bordered by black stainless steel, and irregular rectangles are juxtaposed. The counter is covered with gray tiles and bright round light bulbs, illuminating the strong pencil sketch style.

Rotate along the stairs to the lobby on the fourth floor. The color is slightly changed to mainly gold and bronze, gradually leading to the coloring stage after the pencil sketch. The counter on the fourth floor is composed of straight-grained white marble and wooden veneer walls. It contrasts with the curve next to it, which can highlight the free spirit of the sketch. (Choosing high flatness and non-slip tiles helps maintain an elegant posture on the magnificent stairs)

The bathroom also uses pencil sketches as the main tone, and uses various shades of gray to express. Materials include black painted ceilings with hidden lights, stainless steel edging, gray wood veneers, gray-black tiles, white gypsum board ceilings, white glossy glass, gray floor tiles, and so on. Use a variety of similar but different materials, because even as simple as a pencil drawing, complex and tedious skills and materials are required. The lines in the bathroom are sharp and straight, as if after careful calculation, every stroke and every line is extremely accurate.

Ken has always studied wine, and is meticulous in the design of the bar area of the theater. Use lighting brightness, color distribution and other elements to enhance the beauty and mood of the space. There is a lot of knowledge in this.

Finally, I came to the viewing hall, where the colors are finally enriched, deducing the coloring stage of the draft. The seats in the two typical theaters also mix dark blue, dark gray, and brown, but the colors of the walls and carpets are slightly different. The walls of one of the auditoriums are mainly blue with a touch of green and covered with a gray-black carpet; the other is mainly green with a touch of purple and covered with a brown carpet. The walls of all viewing halls have a neat curve, concealed with soft lighting, and are surrounded by dark gray wood veneer plywood. The neat black lacquered ceiling tiles make the decorative curve of the wall more obvious the flow of space.

The straight and curved lines of the entire movie theater stand independently under the spotlight, indicating the freedom and boldness of imagination in the sketches. Because the original intention of creativity starts from expressing ideas bravely.
Drafting, design, sketching, sketching

First draft・finished product, first final・original intention

As a movie lover, some will choose to write film reviews, and some will choose to do film production. Theater interior designers are relatively unpopular. They had never thought about theater projects one after another. Once it was done, it was 6 years old. CM believes that as long as they do not follow the trend, the brand positioning is solid enough, and the quality is maintained, and the original intention is firm, they will definitely be able to break out of their world.

Postscript: I think a carefully designed theater can sublimate the entire experience of watching movies. In August of this year, the Oft Interior team will have another new work released. It is expected that the largest UA cinema in Hong Kong will open in the third quarter of this year at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui. From November 12 to November 17, K11 MUSEA will also hold the Cannes Film Festival Festival de Cannes Film Week, which will screen 6 of the official selections of the Cannes Film Festival in France this May. I really look forward to it!

Written by: Steph. M


Life is like seeing for the first time (Part 1)

I have lived in Western District since I was young, and I have always envied my classmates who live in Taikoo Shing because there are theaters in my own community! Today, the development of the Internet has changed our entertainment habits. The physical big screen is no longer the only way to enjoy movies. Watch online 24 hours a day on mobile phones, computers, and iPads. But I always think that the original feeling and atmosphere can be found in the theater. The expansive picture and stereo loopback stereo equipment is absolutely unmatched at home. Laughing and crying together is also the place where love sprouts must be checked.

Among them, the Emperor Entertainment Theater in Central is my favorite cinema. Amidst the rush of people going to and from get off work, stepping into the entertainment industry feels like a sense of relief, and it instantly makes people enter the atmosphere of watching movies. This theater is exactly the work of the designer of Oft Interiors.

They imagined that if these years are reproduced in a quick mirror, I believe that there must be many plans and drafts that pass quickly. Numerous changes and amendments, the draft paper, pencils, and erasers scattered on the workbench confirm the foundation of the interior design, which is also the first stage of the film: the sketch. The drafting stage is an indispensable and important stage for any creativity and design. Only with sketches can the imagination be gradually presented. Film workers often prepare Story Boards before shooting, and carefully draw the storyboard, shooting angle, location, and clothing. But who said that the draft can only stay at the first draft stage? The beauty of sketches is easy to be overlooked, but what it expresses is the purest and initial touch.

I am reminded of the sentence in "Mulan Ci Ni Gu Jue Jue Ci Yu You", "If life is only like first seeing", many people would be as good as they were when they first saw it... If only seeing it for the first time, all the good things will not be lost. It was amazing at first sight, goodbye still.

Written by: Steph. M