【Update on Transportation】Timeframe for Transportation might be affected by COVID19

During the pandemic, logistics around the world were affected to varying degrees, and Hong Kong's logistics were not immune. We know that different types of building materials have more or less delays in the delivery time. In the last few weeks, ASA Tiles has also faced logistics challenges. We used various types of transportation and logistics methods to overcome the difficulties as we are committed to maintaining a stable supply.


Due to the repeated epidemics in Hong Kong, relevant mainland authorities have tightened customs clearance policies and imposed stricter quarantine measures on cross-border truck drivers. The number of cross-border truck drivers who can enter and exit the borders has continued to decrease sharply, and the time it takes for trucks to enter and exit the borders has increased significantly. Our qualified drivers also spend several hours a day locked in the car and lined up for COVID test.


At the same time, the frequency of customs inspections has also greatly increased. Some logistics have inevitably suffered delays, and products may also be damaged during handling. As a material supplier, we are deeply sorry for the affected customers and thankful for our logistics team that has been sticking to the post.


Therefore, the transportation time required for the delivery of goods may increase compared to the past. We sincerely recommend all customers, be sure to reserve more time to order products in order to reduce the chance of delays in the delivery.


We promise to uphold the customer-oriented principle, seek more flexible transportation solutions, and strive to avoid any impact on customers. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us for further information.


We hope that we will overcome the pandemic as soon as possible and return to normal life.


ASA Tiles