Product Conformity Certification Scheme

We obtained certification under Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Ceramic Tiles (PCCS-CT), issued "Hong Kong Concrete Institute" and our products are recognized by the Hong Kong Housing Authority. We are one of the few ceramic tile manufacturers and suppliers in Hong Kong that have successfully obtained relevant certification and recognized by the Housing Authority.

ISO Quality Management System Certification

We has obtained the Quality Management System certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and can provide customers with stable quality products and services.

Conformitè Europëenne Certification

Our products are certified to meet the high safety, health, environmental protection and performance requirements of European Union, and have completed the corresponding evaluation procedures, and can be sold in the European Economic Area.

British Standards Institute Certification

Our products passed the test by British Standards Institution, and obtained BS EN 14411:2012 certification.

Malaysia SIRIM Certification

Issued by the only certification management institute in Malaysia to confirm that the product meets the import requirements and can be sold in Malaysia.

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