More Than Tiles

Since 1973, ASA Tiles remains true to our original aspiration and provides decoration solutions and intimate experience to customers.

Say It With A Smile

We never stop researching and developing. Using our self-developed OxyTech®️ technology , we create our flagship PuriTiles®️ Series and the upgraded version PuriTiles®️Plus Series. The products have passed the American standard antibacterial test.

Tailored Style

Using Italian original machinery, we redefine the pinnacle of tiles with our Italian designers. We create superb and innovative products with advanced technology and aesthetics, pursue the perfection in every detail.

Assurance By Miles

Products of ASA Tiles are recognised by a number of professional certifications such as ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, BSI and PCCS-CT. We have provided intimate custom-made solutions and tailor-made tiles for many large-scale developers in Hong Kong.

ASA Tiles: The Green Factory

As a certified "Green manufacturer", ASA Tiles committed in developing and producing green building materials and implementing green policies. ASA Tiles has obtained various international certifications. We ensure that all production procedures are carried out under strict supervision in order to protect the environment and successfully achieve the goal of sustainable development.


The establishment of Fufeng Ceramics, the predecessor of ASA Tiles


Produced China's first "one-time-fired inner wall tiles"


Introduced Italian LB Micro-powder Spreading System


First to introduce inkjet tiles


First to launch full-body tiles


Launched 55° Soft Polished Tiles


Research and develop healthy antibacterial technology for tiles


Improved production technology and introduced Minimal Jointing