ASA Tiles Showroom 亞細亞瓷磚 旗艦概念店 灣仔 14

Art Curving

Abandon the inherent frame of ceramic tiles, give the possibility of arbitrary cutting, and add a personalized experience.

Inkjet Printing

Not limited by color, images and text can be easily printed on the brick surface to fully present the design.

Silk-Screen Printing

Not limited by size and shape, it is suitable for various types of ink, making printing more flexible and diverse.

Emboss Spot UV Printing Stereo Light/Matte Film Printing

Incorporating 3D high-tech, the three-dimensional texture is printed on the surface of the tiles, showing a unique style.

Hand-drawn Tiles Hand-drawn Tiles

Cooperate with many local artists to provide different styles of painting and show the portraits that are closest to your ideas.