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ASA Tiles Showroom 亞細亞瓷磚 旗艦概念店 灣仔 14

Artistic Cutting

Unbounded by the frame of tiles. Personalise your tiles with Artistic Cutting.

From 2mm to 2m, output of any sizes can be processed by water jet, and they can be cut precisely according to your drawings.


After the tiles are cut, they can be matched freely with various shapes, sizes, and even different materials,
Creating artworks with physical and visual depth.

Beauty of Lines

With 3DRelief and shallow cutting techniques add physical lines to the surface of the terrazzo or tiles.

Inkjet Printing

Not limited by colour, images and text can be easily printed on the tiles surface, just the way you want.

Silk-Screen Printing

Going one step further, this method allow the application of various types of ink, making printing more flexible.


Hand-drawn Tiles

Cooperate with many local artists to provide different styles of painting and show the portraits that are closest to your ideas.

Using specific ink in printing and undergoing second baking, the unique printing would become part of the tiles.

Emboss Spot UV Printing

With the latest 3D tech, the three-dimensional texture can be printed on the surface of the tiles, showing your unique style.