The ultimate in artistic cutting

Unbounded by the frame of tiles. Personalise your tiles with Artistic Cutting.
The artistic cutting of ceramic tiles has infinite possibilities, and is not restricted by any size, line, or style.
Whether you want to use ceramic tiles to create artwork as small as 2mm, as large as 2.4m, or with detailed and complex lines, it can all come true.

3D craftsmanship

Simple and delicate three-dimensional lines,
Art like a relief.

3D collage

Using different tile materials,
Shapes and angles to create a sense of hierarchy,
Show lifelike three-dimensional feeling.

Playful texture

Under the matching between ceramic tiles and copper sheets,
Form the contrast between the texture of the material,
Playful and modern.

Cut shallow

Only make a shallow cut on a ceramic tile to form an indentation,
Preserve the integrity of the tiles.