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Ensuring Household From The Root: A Deep Dive Into Antibacterial Tiles

Due to the environment and weather, many Hong Kong people find it difficult to keep their homes dry. When choosing tiles and other building materials, products with antibacterial and mildew resistant functions should be considered. Since it is quite durable, it can also serve as the first protection for your family’s health.

Fighting The Unseen Foe

Take the common mold at home as an example. Due to its small size, it is difficult to clean it away completely. Moist bathrooms and toilets often become hard-hit areas where molds are raging. The mold releases allergic substances, which fly away with the air, enter the body from the nasal cavity, and then follow the respiratory tract to the lungs to stay, causing allergies, asthma, and causing minor physical problems.

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港怡醫院呼吸系統科名譽顧問醫生溫志堅醫生受訪時表示:「 如果病人本身已有鼻敏感或氣管敏感的情況,突然接觸大量塵蟎、霉菌等家居常見致敏原,會令他們本身的敏感情況更嚴重。」現時市面上亦出現各種防霉易潔油漆或抗菌地板瓷磚。溫醫生表示:「每日清潔依然非常重要,而防霉易潔油漆或抗菌地板瓷磚等,對於改善家居空氣和抗菌防霉具一定幫助。」

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Antibacterial and mildew-proof wall and floor tiles

Diligent cleaning is important, but if you want to get better results without too much effort we need to change from the source. Traditional solid wood floors are susceptible to dampness, mildew and could cause thermal expansion. It could cause a gap between floors, which dirts easy to hide in and grow bacteria. The ceramic tiles with the new OXYTECH antibacterial technology continuously release negative ions and effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the surface of the tile. It is compact and hard as it burned at a hot temperature and slow-burning of 1,250 degrees. Under high-density conditions, the water absorption rate is less than 0.1%. Effectively resist moisture, anti-bacterial, and anti-mildew.

1) 淨化空氣除甲醛
Furniture, wood, paint, viscose, etc. that you encounter every day have the chance to be indoor pollution sources, which will continuously release free formaldehyde and toluene. Especially after the decoration of new houses, the excessive formaldehyde situation is even more serious. The test proves that OXY TECH antibacterial technology can purify formaldehyde and toluene in the air and keep indoor air fresh for a long time.

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2) 抑制細菌、真菌的生長和繁殖
Tile cleaning is often a tricky part of household hygiene. Ordinary cleaning is difficult to remove the dirt in the narrow gaps of the tiles, which only affects the growth of bacteria and health. The seam between most tiles on the market is 2mm. The latest research and innovation of OXY TECH's anti-bacterial technology-"dense seam paving" can reduce the seam between tiles to only 0.5mm, effectively reducing the accumulation of bacteria. space. In addition, as the gaps on the surface of the tiles become smaller, there is nowhere to absorb dirt, which enhances the anti-fouling and easy-to-clean effect. The ceramic tiles of OXY TECH antibacterial technology have proved to have an antibacterial rate of 99%*, and an antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli as high as 90%.

3) 減少霉菌滋生
The damp problem in Hong Kong has always plagued all homes. Especially in summer, the bathroom walls and floor tiles in many people's homes are always wet. They are prone to mold, and sometimes smelly. OXYTECH antibacterial technology ceramic tiles have the advantage of high density, and the water absorption rate can be lower than 0.1%, which can help reduce the growth of mold and reduce troubles caused by dampness.

OXY TECH Tiles Test

The editor conducts a series of tests to understand the effectiveness of OXY TECH technology. The tests will compare the water absorption, stain resistance, hardness, and fire resistance of the tiles.

1. Water absorption
The weather in Hong Kong is humid. For example, ceramic tiles with lower water absorption rates are used indoors, which are denser, not easy to expand, and are more effective in blocking moisture and reducing mold. The editor first prepares an ordinary tile and an OXY TECH tile and then places the two tiles in the blue water agent for 24 hours to test their water absorption capacity.

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After one day, the water level of ordinary tiles was significantly lower than that of OXY TECH tiles, which shows that ordinary tiles have a higher water absorption rate.

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2. Ease of cleaning
In addition to mold, stubborn stains such as kitchen oil stains are critical issues in daily cleaning. The editor splashed the old and new soy oil stains on the OXY TECH tiles, then wiped it with a rag, and found that the soy oil stains had been wiped away without leaving any traces, and the stain resistance was extremely high.

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3/ Fireproof
OXY TECH tiles are made by slow-burning at a hot temperature of 1,250 degrees. The process requires a gun to burn OXY TECH tiles at close range for about 1 minute, if there is no blackening or cracking of the tiles, it means they have certain fire resistance.

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As mentioned above, when it comes to choosing ceramic tiles, customers should not only pay attention to the reputation of the tile brand, but also pay attention to the water absorption, stain resistance and fire resistance of the product, and buy suitable tiles. It increases hygiene and house cleanness.

*Tested on Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and Escherichia coli under laboratory conditions.