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LOFT Corner|From Seed To Wish

From Seed To Wish, a boutique coffee shop located in Amoy Mall, Kowloon Bay, provides visitors with a corner where they can stop and have a cup of coffee in the middle of the downtown area. The interior design of the store is dominated by light gray tones, combined with the architectural concrete bricks and handmade concrete tiles of ASA Tiles, as well as the potted plants selected by the store owner, to create a light industrial space that feels raw and natural.

On the walls, the designers used architectural concrete modular bricks. The design balanced the enclosed feeling of this corner, and the cafe feels more open.

Architectural concrete bricks have fine grained texture, which feel film, clean and natural. The square and round holes on the bricks form a simple geometric contrast, adding another layer of visual elements to the space.

The wall on the other side of the cafe is decorated with handmade concrete tiles. Designer used concrete gray tiles of different gradient to enrich the cafe's visual while maintaining a consistent gray tone throughout the space. The white grain on the handmade concrete tiles also make this corner look alive.

A raw and clean design featuring white and gray. The design brings out the beauty of green potted plants, and presents us with a coffee shop that feels modern and natural.

Designed by Oft Interiors
Photo Credit: Oft Interiors