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Holiday Vibes| Bakehouse Stanley

On holidays, we always desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, chilling out at a peaceful place. The fourth branch of Bakehouse is hence located in Stanley, a slow-paced coastal village. Its interior design aims to create a leisure decorating style.

Square white artistic tiles were used for decoration on the interior walls, matching the color tone of the white building and exuding an aura of elegance and artistry. The white tiles also look minimal so as to echo with the holiday vibes in Stanley. A brick wall is one of the hallmarks of the bakery, so we have terracotta at the top of the wall to bring out a retro feeling that is unique to traditional bakeries. Our terracotta tiles are all handmade. Thus, each of them possesses distinctive patterns and colours, adding a sense of mottleness to the brick wall.

The counter and floors paved with terrazzo are the souls of the bakery’s design. Bakehouse selected deep dark grey as the colour base of the terrazzo combined with black and white chips, in order to create richer visual elements with more layers and have a more exquisite decoration. The counter aligns with terrazzo skirting to the floors seamlessly to enhance aesthetics and make it easier to clean. More importantly, ASA Tiles’ terrazzo has functions of waterproof and non-slippery as well as many other advantages.

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Our Projects

Shack of Greenery|Shake Shack Tung Chung

Shake Shack's new branch opened in Tung Chung earlier. The shop took green colour as the main tone, echoing the Lantau landscape in Tung Chung. The designer chose terrazzo and small tiles from ASA Tiles to create a space that feels natural and relaxed.

As visitors come to the outdoor seating in front of the door, one can already see the small green tiles. With the addition of green plants, one could feel that fresh breath before entering the restaurant, which contrasts with the more stern style of the nearby shopping malls.

Upon entering the restaurant, you will see a garden-style decorative ceiling above the seats on both sides, while the walls are covered with small green tiles, which, together with the green seats and wooden textured dining table, bring out a simple and natural feeling.

The restaurant floor is made of terrazzo from ASA Tiles. The gray-white base feels elegant and low-key, while the green chips match the overall design of the restaurant. The restaurant even invites local artist to paint on the walls, which are full of character and vitality.

There is also a terrazzo table in the restaurant, with the lake green stand and the lighting above the table, this corner feels both refreshing and modern.

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LOFT Corner|From Seed To Wish

From Seed To Wish, a boutique coffee shop located in Amoy Mall, Kowloon Bay, provides visitors with a corner where they can stop and have a cup of coffee in the middle of the downtown area. The interior design of the store is dominated by light gray tones, combined with the architectural concrete bricks and handmade concrete tiles of ASA Tiles, as well as the potted plants selected by the store owner, to create a light industrial space that feels raw and natural.

On the walls, the designers used architectural concrete modular bricks. The design balanced the enclosed feeling of this corner, and the cafe feels more open.

Architectural concrete bricks have fine grained texture, which feel film, clean and natural. The square and round holes on the bricks form a simple geometric contrast, adding another layer of visual elements to the space.

The wall on the other side of the cafe is decorated with handmade concrete tiles. Designer used concrete gray tiles of different gradient to enrich the cafe's visual while maintaining a consistent gray tone throughout the space. The white grain on the handmade concrete tiles also make this corner look alive.

A raw and clean design featuring white and gray. The design brings out the beauty of green potted plants, and presents us with a coffee shop that feels modern and natural.

Designed by Oft Interiors
Photo Credit: Oft Interiors

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Green Refreshment|DaYung’s K11 Art Mall

The Taiwan-style hand-shaken drink fever continues! DaYung’s, a beverage store features drinks made with fresh fruit, opened a new branch in K11 Art Mall.

The store took green and white as the main colour theme. It has a bright and refreshing tone. The designer used ASA Tiles' green small tiles as a featured visual element throughout the store.

The design was inspired by the early Taiwan beverage store. The artistic green tiles contain vintage vibes, combining the decoration, like small table, created a modernised old style design.

The detailed painting above the tiles also used green colour, making the overall design coherent and rich. One may enjoy a drink quietly in this peaceful corner of the city.

Designed by I II concept
Photo Credit: I II concept

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Layers of Simplicity|Lifetastic APM

Featuring gluten-free cake, famous for their watermelon cake, Lifetastic opened a new branch in APM.

Upon entering the store, it's hard for one not to notice the beautiful terrazzo from ASA Tiles which used throughout the whole store.

The terrazzo has a simple white base, combining with maroon and deep blue chips, the design feels clean and refreshing, setting off the charming cakes.

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NATURA|The Flowering Warmth

Part of the wall uses ASA Tiles’ brown handmade tiles, a brilliant design by OftInteriors. Their rough and raw surfaces and brown colour with rich layers, bring a warm feeling to the whole space.

All these brown tiles were handmade, giving each one of them their own unique colour and pattern.

Designed by OFT Interiors
Photo Credit: OFT Interiors

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Kushiro|A Design From Moon

“Kushiro”, the Japanese Omakase style restaurant opened recently in The Peninsula Hotel. The restaurant’s interior design thoughtfully blended traditional Japanese garden aesthetics and modern style. The design featured ASA Tiles' terrazzo and tiles.

The design used “bloom and moon” as the design theme and took inspiration from moon phases. In order to blend the beauty of traditional Japanese garden and modern aesthetics. The interior featured ASA Tiles’ terrazzo and tiles.

The calm and classic greyish terrazzo, like the gentle night sky, blended into the exquisite Japanese garden design. Bring the customers into a poetic space.

(Photos Credit: Kushiro

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A Soft Afternoon|NINETY’s Café YOHO Mall

NINETY’s Café, an Australian style cafeteria, brings their exquisite menu and café culture to Yuen Long. The café was designed by Atelier 22, and simplicity is the core of it. With the bar and plants as the main visual, using natural lighting and ASA Tiles' Timber Tiles, a warm feeling is created.

Our Timber Tiles were designed based on actual timber's texture. They faithfully resemble that film and natural warmth. One can relax and enjoy a peaceful afternoon in this comforting space.

Designed by Atelier 22
Photo Credit: Atelier 22

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Lane Noodles Causeway Bay|The Old HK’s Vibes

Featuring Hong Kong style cuisine, Lane Noodles opened their new branch in Causeway Bay. The restaurant's interior design is inspired by traditional Hong Kong sidewalk snack booth. From the eye-catching red lampshade, to the menu board, the environment is full of 60s icons.

The red lampshade and the warm light act as a fine touch environment, yet what really set the tone to the restaurant is the tessera hexagon artistic small tiles. That vintage vibes brings the customers back to the good-old days.

The small tiles were delivered as sheets for easy laying and the outcome is excellent. Black-and-white tessera combination is an all-time classic.

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Don Don Tei|Causeway Bay

Authentic Donburi restaurant from Osaka, Don Don Tei, set foot in Causeway bay.

The designer used Japanese-style decoration, like the floating-world printing of the wall and minoyaki porcelain plates. On the floor, ASA Tiles' VersaTiles series products were used.

The dark-grey colour and sandstone pattern run through the surface and body of each tile, together with the fine matte finish, created beauty from its simplicity. The tiles matched the wooden floor and overall Japanese-style design. Their high slip-resistance also works well with the space.