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HKJC Shop|Central Stanley Street

A major 11-month renovation has been completed at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Central Stanley Street Shop. This branch has been hailed as "the luckiest", having produced 47 first prize winners since 1994, the most out of all HKJC outlets. This four-story Stanley Street Shop finally reopened as an experience shop, similar to the LOHAS Shop that opened last year. The Club strives to offer its customers an entirely new entertainment experience with integrated catering, leisure and digital betting services all in one space.

With its convenient location near Lan Kwai Fong and in the heart of the Central business and entertainment areas, Stanley Street Shop makes it easy for friends to get together for happy hour or after work. They can watch live racing and football broadcasts while enjoying good food in delightful restaurants. It is not to be missed, as the shop offers social festivities, food, entertainment, and excitement.

We are delighted to participate in this project. Our signature timber and artistic tiles are designed to make the ambience more enjoyable, giving the place an exquisite look with the colour combinations. It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Our Projects

Timeless Elegance|Times Square Cinema

Theater is where different experiences are brought to the audience, and an excellent theater interior design can allow everyone to start an unique visual experience before entering the movie, and make the art displayed on the screen match the elegant space.

Times Square Cinema has been reborn.

The cinema’s exquisite design takes the gentle morandi tone as a main theme. Featuring ASA Tiles’ large marble tiles, combining the bronze and glass texture, created a stylish space.

One of the highlight is the usage of marble tiles. Designers used ASA Tiles’ seamless pattern design marble tiles. The pattern expands across tiles and presents extraordinarily rich and detailed pattern. Such visual runs through the whole space. Make the cinema more spacious. Together with the arc lines created using artistic cutting, turned the cinema into a gallery filled with visual elements.

For the bar, the designers used ASA Tiles’ terrazzo. One in white and one in black. The contrast in colours brings out the unity of chips across two stone, making the table natural and unique.

On the side of the benches, our terrazzo was also used, providing a quiet corner for visitors.

In the washroom, the walls are covered with sandstone design tiles. The sandstone texture on the surface and the bronze tone form a clean and comfortable space.

Design and Photo credit: Oft Interiors

The screen is not the only valuable aspect of the theater. The delicate design of the Times Square Cinema is made to allow the audience experience more.

In the following video, let us take you into the Times Square Cinema and take a closer look at the design that combines modernity and elegance.

Our Projects

Chic Modernity|the Arca

Located in Wong Chuk Hang, designed by Design Eight Five Two, the Arca featured a light-industrial design. Dark-grey cement wall, clean and raw lighting, all speak of modernity. Yet, as you enter the quest room, you see something entire different.

The wall of the suite expands upon the light-industrial design, but on the floor, ASA Tiles' Timber Tiles were used. We cut the tiles as chevron laying pattern would be applied.

Timber Tiles recreated the unique warm feeling of wooden texture, together with the wooden and fabric furniture, balanced the visually colder wall. All these elements make the space feel chic and warm at the same time.

The suite's bathroom even used ASA Tiles' custom-made terrazzo on the floor and wall. We tailor-made this terrazzo according to designer's' idea. Creamy colour base, with white, dark brown and black chips, this terrazzo feels elegant and soft. The rich colour of this room build different feel from the rest of the suite.

Designed by DEFT
Photo Credit: DEFT

Project: the Arca
Ownership: Yulan Group
Location: 43 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang
Brief Intro: A hotel with 187 rooms

Our Projects


The Hong Kong Jockey Club's first new off-course betting branch in 16 year was opened in LOHAS. Unlike the other branches that look rather simple and insipid, this new branch has a livid design which echoes with LOHAS nature theme. From the astroturf on the entrance, to the terrazzo decoration in the hall, the whole space feels refreshing and alive.

On the floor, ASA Tiles' VersaTiles anti-slip tiles were used. The subtle texture matches the overall refreshing design.

The tiles have limestone texture and come with fine matte surface. Visually natural and comforting, while providing high anti-slip performance, durability and anti-abrasion. They made no compromise between aesthetic functionality.

Designed by J. Candice Interior Architects
Photo Credit: HKJC

Our Projects

Revisiting Central Market


Old beauty shines anew.

The 80 years-old Central Market meets every visitor with a new look after revitalization while preserving its original architectural style.

ASA Tiles are honored to be a part of the meaningful project. We rejuvenated the third-grade historical building with our custom-made tiles and terrazzo according to the original architectural features and the revitalisation scheme.

Inspired by the old central terrazzo staircase, we bought the historical breath to the whole floor by our custom-made terrazzo.

To recreate that 60s vintage vibe, we used the artistic small tiles. We present the ironic vintage greenish colour-tone of Old-HK restaurant with a refreshing touch.

The iconic deep azure green tiles of Hong Kong traditional restaurant, bringing the passersby back to 60s.
Refreshing green tiles inspired by traditional azure green.

Tiles table at the courtyard, providing a corner for those who need a rest.

Next time, when you walk pass this old place, take a look, and see its beauty from every little details.

Check out our Video Design Tour!
Our Projects

MCL Cyberport |The Cyber Visual

MCL Cyberport's design focuses on delivering the sense of future and technology, as the cinema is a part of Cyberport community. The cinema uses bright colours, creating contrast with the cold cement structure of Cyberport.

Upon entering the cinema, the strips which run through the narrow ceiling quickly draw the visitors into this futuristic space. On floor, ASA Tiles products were used to adopt the whole design.

Designer used marble tiles and sandstone tiles. They formed pattern with their colours and at the same time, enriched the visual space by allowing light to be reflected differently on the polished and matte surfaces. For the marble tiles, the designer chose the Soft-Polished tiles which deflect light gently and created uniform lighting for the space.

The designer went beyond the colours and texture. With artistic collage, strips were formed with tiles, echo with the ceiling strip design.

Most people have the impression that tile Collage would be difficult to install. Actually, that's not the case. After we cut the tiles according to the blueprint, we will piece the cut tiles into standard size tiles and label them. The workers only need to follow the labels and install the tiles, then the picture could be formed with ease.

Our Projects

ASA Tiles I School Anniversary Tiles Printing Event

As a developing enterprise, ASA Tiles not only work on the growth of business, but also focus on social engagement.

Earlier, we were invited to participate in a school anniversary tiles printing event. In the two-days event, we provided tiles and the students created a tiles printing with the guidance of tutor.

The tutor designed the general picture in advance. Before the event begun, the tutor drew the draft of the print across the tiles. Then, we gave each student a piece of tile and let them add colours on it. They also put their own ideas and creation onto the tiles.

In the process, the tutor guided the students to reflect on the project and told them the importance of details, as they all started this magnificent printing from small parts. They also learnt the value of teamwork and communication during the project. At the end of the day, the tiles printing was a team effort.

We, as the tiles manufacturer, feel equally on how valuable and important details are. A high-quality piece of tile, could only be made with many fine details adding together. Seeing the students adding the colours they wanted with each stroke, made us felt touched.

After the students finished printing the tiles, we put the tiles on the wall and formed the complete and wonderful printing. We were honoured to be a part of this meaningful event, and we were delighted to see how much potential tiles have as art and craft.